Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eye Candy Part 2: Amsterdam

The Eye Candy portion of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is beautiful, I don't know if we were there at the perfect time but the leaves were changing color and riding bikes along the canals made me feel like I was in some movie. The weather was just warm enough and just cool enough.

This pretty, rad poster.

The hand sewn signage for the "House Boat Museum"

This collection of crochet tools were lined up on the windowsill of someone's house.

My nautical theme followed me throughout my trip over yonder.

Not that I think this ad is awesome or anything, but while we were in Amsterdam, our hosts told us that the Nespresso Coffee Pod Espresso Machines were pretty popular. We went along with them to purchase more pods for their machine, and boy, was it a mad house. Our host kept laughing about how George Clooney was in the ads for them and I didn't see it til our last day in Amsterdam. Yep, they are pretty funny. And yes, George Clooney is some kind of eye candy.

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