Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rotten Apples

Julia Chiang recently went to a residency in Colorado and came out with some rotten apples. I've been a fan of Julia's work since her collaboration with Ryan McGuinness at Deitch but have grown to love her work more with her hand-embroidery and etched mirrors. And now these...
Never before have I wanted such a rotten apple more.

Text from the New Museum store:
"Julia Chiang is interested in objects usually considered unworthy, unattractive, or unimportant. The apple stands as a symbol of desire and also of NYC- a home of both desire and discard. These delicate apples, frozen in a state of beautiful decay, are handmade of porcelain and coated with a 5% gold luster. Edition of 21 signed and numbered."

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