Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A 1, 2, 3...Sequence!

I was spending the day at my boyfriend's over the weekend (mainly to mooch off of his cable because I have no t.v. DAMN YOU FCC for making us convert!) and flipped to TMC where a movie called "Yours, Mine, and Ours" was starting up. I was immediately drawn in by the title sequence. I'm still not sure who did it, but Joel reminded me of the master title sequencer of all, Saul Bass.

A couple of my favorites. Check out, for an extensive gallery of his work (and a really cool interactive image gallery).

And a little show and tell of his posters.....

I love this poster via insect54's flickr.
(edit: per request of certain people, i've update the link to my boyfriend. who is an amazing designer, bt-DUBS)


lisa butterworth said...

i LOVE those posters...i never knew who did them! thanks for illuminating me. also, who is this mysterious "boyfriend"?? i think you should, ahem, link him.

Caroline said...

changed, just for you lisa butterworth!!!