Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Mega Wish List

Daily Candy is sometimes the death of me... Always opening up the doors to shopping temptation, things I probably should NEVER find out about. So when I opened up my morning email from them, I screamed a (silent) "NOOOOOOOO!"

Even though I can't afford any of these, I did a little window shopping at Domahoka for my fall wardrobe.

Steven Alan Dora Pant ($240) Could I ever pull this off? I can dream...,
APC Short Coat ($420) I love a good grandpa jacket,


lisa butterworth said...

i think you actually screamed "noooooo" out loud. fyi.

also, WHY must you show me t-shirts i need but could never afford?!?

roberta jane said...

I clicked through to this from Daily Candy this morning and had nearly the same reaction! Another perfectly stocked shop to make my heartache... sigh

evencleveland said...

I think I am finding room in my budget for that t-shirt!

Tizzalicious said...

Oh how I love those shoes!

Lee said...

I found shoes that are similar for a better price.i think you'll like them.

It's heartbreaking how much I want everything on this post.