Monday, April 27, 2009

swirlin' at the "Sea Swirl"

This weekend, I took a trip outside of the city to Mystic, CT. Mystic as in "Mystic Pizza," I have the proof below. I've always wanted to do a fried clam road trip and Ipswich, MA to the Clam Box was a little too far to go to (and yes, I mainly want to go there because it looks like an actual clam box).

A beautiful day to a beautiful setting. Had some fried clams at the Sea Swirl and ice cream by the water with great friends and my favorite pooch. It was a great Sunday. Tomorrow, I'll update you on my garden!

1 comment:

evencleveland said...

I have been to the Clam Box!

It is worth the trip ... holy moly.

These Mystic clams look pretty good, too ...