Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I love wood....

(Not that kind of wood! get your mind out of the gutter)

I love the look of wood and wood grain. So when I saw these surfboards I was immediately drawn to them.

Not only are they beautiful they are earth sustainable. They are " built with local white cedar on a lightweight, rugged, internal frame, Grain’s boards are fully structural before they’re even glassed - which means that a heavily-used Grain Surfboard will never show pressure dings, doesn’t stress-crack, and surfs and looks as good years from now as it did when it first hit the water. They use no veneers or foam in our boards - inside, they’re just the same clean air we breathe. Outside, we use zero-VOC epoxy, glass or bamboo cloth, and a high-gloss UV coating to protect the board for years to come. Designed for life, your board should never see a landfill in your lifetime and - per session - this may be the least expensive board you’ll ever own."

Its almost time to get back in the water again... and this time, maybe a Grain surfboard will go along for the ride.

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