Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garage Sale!

Since cleaning out is the theme this week, I'm participating at a Garage Sale with some amazing designers/artists this weekend. I'll have my artwork, prints, and other things I've been stashing away. Starts tomorrow!

Studio Garage Sale
Friday - Sunday
June 11th-13th
925 Bergen Street suite 308
Brooklyn, NY 11238
btw Franklin and Classon
Featuring goodies by:Jim Datz, Josh Cochran, Anna Wolf, Luke Ramsey, Scott Massey, MVA, Damien Correll, Rachel Domm, Julie Schumacher, Garrett Morin, Jim Stoten, Mike Perry, & More.
All kinds of goodies for sale at reduced rates.
Books, Prints, Zines, Tee, Samples, Skate Decks, Photos, & More.

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