Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pens, Sharpies, and Pencils-Oh my!

This Friday, here in Brooklyn, Rich Jacobs is putting on another great show. Its another "Move" show, a series of shows he's curated where he brings together an eclectic mix of artists. He's been doing this for years and every time the show introduces me to the works of artists I've never seen before.

We were installing part of the show yesterday at Cinders Gallery, here's a peek at our install day.

Jeff Canham's sharpie drawing

Taylor McKimens' sharpie drawing

Daniel Davidson's ballpoint pen drawing (thanks kelie for the correction, its not r. crumb. DUH!)

The opening is on Friday, May 9th at Cinders Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Come by and say hello!
109 Havemeyer St
Brooklyn, NY

Some artists in the show: Billy Sprague, Brian Chippendale, Taylor McKimens, Pat Delaney, Jeff Canham, Erika Borboa, Diane Barcewlosky, Mark Gonzalez, Rob Leecock, R. Crumb, Maya Hayuk, Kelie Bowman, Sto, Melinda Beck, Jordin Isip, Jim Gallagher, Matt Leines, Eric White, Allyson Melburg, and so many more.

On a side note, I've always been intrigued by "To-do" lists. I have always kept to-do lists that break down into further to-do lists, but I took a peek at Jordin Isip's to-do list and his are pretty amazing, he has a color-coding system and also breaks down his to-do lists.

And on a weirder note, we were coming back from a No Age show on Monday and ran into a lady on the train. Turns out, this lady takes her bunny everywhere, in this stroller. Kinda weird, but very New York.

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oh hi. im a junior in high school and we just analyzed one of your articles. you are amazing in getting your ideas across. its fantastic to see how much i can empathize with you, being korean american in high school and all. k bai.