Tuesday, May 27, 2008

thus far...

Its been very slow with the new pieces that I'm working on, but they're revving up and all the little tweaks are usually what slow me down. Here's the latest on the flag that I started a while back....

I don't think I've explained the theme of my new series. All the flags are based off of Nautical Signaling Flags, they are normally used to communicate between ship to ship or ship to shore and so on. Each flag has a different meaning, in and of itself and when combined together. I've chosen to alter the flags colors to be more subtle because these flags are meant represent communication between humans and a lot of the time communication is misread, lost, misunderstood, and so forth. Here's my chart of altered flags.

I also completely forgot to upload the drawing that I have up at Cinders now. Please stop by there when you can, there's a bunch of great drawings up.

"How to Disappear Completely"

Til tomorrow, au revior!

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wimpy said...

Thats very cool with the signal flags. I's very nice that you have a blog now and especially nice to see a work in progress. I'm a big fan. Your drawn, appliqued and embroidered pictures are wonderful!