Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Procrastination leads to...Inspiration

When I procrastinate, here are the top 4 things I do:
-Play with my dog (or nap with my dog)
-Bake or cook
-Go to the gym
-Look through my plentiful blogs

As I was looking through my bookmarked blogs, I found this via Apartment Therapy. Soon enough, I'm going to have to do some furniture hunting and because of the bed bug infestation in NY I can no longer pick up things on the street. I hope to make it to the Brimfield show Brimfield Antique Market before it's over.

Via Rizzolo's Flickr

Via Karen Marlene Larsen's Flickr

Via Sarah & Egg a go go

(Look up Brimfield in Flickr's tags to see more photos)

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