Monday, March 30, 2009

salvaged and plotted

This weekend, I inaugurated Spring by preparing to build my rooftop garden. Growing your own veggies is all the rage, everyone's doing it including Michelle Obama.

I was first inspired to make my own Salad garden in last year's Readymade Magazine's guide to building your own Backyard Salad Bar. Now is the time to start sowing your seeds!!

After doing my research and being re-inspired after watching this segment on the Martha Stewart Show, this weekend was spent prepping my bed of salad greens. Civil Eats reminded me that there's Build It Green in Queens where I can find reusuable lumber and other miscellaneous materials to build my garden.
Here is what I found there...

reminds me of Yogi the Bear!

strange straw car...


Follow this blog in the next couple of weeks to view my progress on the garden. Next weekend, I build the bed and sow the seeds!

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