Thursday, December 3, 2009

spoonmelove is LAUNCHED!

As you saw on our sneak peek on Monday, I've been working on this project spoonmeloveme with Bryn. After a year of back and forth, talking, discussing, designing, and printing, we are finally ready to launch. And here it is...

This project started out as an IM conversation between Bryn and I after a tumultuous day in New York. If you have a relationship with New York, you know that we have our ups and downs with it and sometimes you love it and sometimes you hate it but you always want it to love you.

This is our love note to Brooklyn and New York through posters and totes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have in creating it. We plan to work on more cities, so keep your eye out.
Find our store at spoonmeloveme where we're only allotting a couple of items to be sold, we're fully launching our sales on Sunday at the Bust Craftacular at special prices. So see you then!


roberta jane said...

The totes are awesome - Hope you don't mind if I post them on Camp Comfort!

lkjkj said...

wow they look great!