Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A moment...

I just want to share a moment, a person with you. Nick Dewar, an illustrator, who passed away recently. He was a great talent and although I didn't know him personally these words from his website says a lot about him.

Q: "How do you define success? "In your terms, how successful are you?"

A: My definition of success is pretty simple. I don't think money is all that important. As long as you have enough to pay the rent and buy some nice food that is all you really need. Everything else is a bonus. I have never understood people who drive themselves to work long hours at jobs they hate to pay for things that will help them forget how much they hate working at their jobs. I think the really difficult thing is being happy both in who you are and what you do. If you can achieve this then you are really are a success. There is also the caveat that you shouldn't hurt anyone or anything in order to be successful, that sort of negates the point.

He seems like he was a great person and I wish his family well in this time of difficulty. Please take a moment to look at his great body of work and appreciate it and him.

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