Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome to Copenhagen, so fresh and so clean!

I'm back from my week in Copenhagen and mini vacation to Amsterdam. It was a great trip and having met such great people on my trip, I feel very fortunate to be an artist for a living. Thanks to Marie at Beaver Projects and Mimi at Rumkammerat.

Upon arriving in Copenhagen, the first thing I noticed was how clean everything was. The city and the air!
Oh and the bikes!!! Everyone on bikes, it was my dream!
Some pics...

Copenhagen Airport/Metro Station. The metro is supposed to be fairly new.

The entrance to Beaver Projects where I am having my show.
Pre-setup shots.

Side by side with Gudrun Hasle's piece.

Gudrun's Dear Mom piece. I love this piece, Gudrun has dyslexia and she uses it in her art. At first, I thought it was in Danish but I realized it was written in English.

That's Gudrun painting her box...

More photos to come! Especially ones from the opening, I need to get those from Saelee.

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