Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Help Needed!!

In my creative madness for my upcoming show at Sloan Fine Art, I have gone out of my mind and decided to do a grand, time-consuming installation. My roommate calls me a masochist, and perhaps I am. But if it all pans out, it should be amazing!

So, this is where I ask for help...
I'm looking for an intern in the New York area. Someone who would be able to come to my Brooklyn studio and help 1-2 days a week, depending on how many hours you could spend working.

Unfortunately its unpaid and hopefully I could repay you in lunches/coffee and experience.
Someone who knows how to knit or is a fast learner would be appreciated. This internship would mainly last til mid-March. Please email me at, if you or anyone you know might be interested. Thanks!!!



Anonymous said...

If only I knew you would have needed an intern. Maybe I wouldn't have left Brooklyn for San Francisco. Your work inspires me to no end.

Anonymous said...

This breaks my heart. I worship your work, I knit, but I also live in Toronto :(