Monday, February 23, 2009

A warm feeling...

Last Thursday night I was lucky enough to score some free tickets to see M. Ward at the Apollo theatre. I really love M. Ward's music- the lyrics, the sound, the feeling I get from it. Whenever I listen to his music I feel like I'm transported to a porch on a warm, summer night with a breeze lightly touching my face. His music feels like the warmth of whiskey slowly going down my throat.

Sometimes when I read interviews of my favorite artists and musicians, I keep a copy of what they say because it represents so much of what I'd liked to get across. Here's a recent excerpt from a NY Times article about his new record, Hold Time.

"Mr. Ward’s job as he sees it is to capture something: less an emotional state or an overarching theme than an instant. “I wrote this song just to remember the endless endless summer in your laugh,” he sings on “Hold Time,” his album’s moody but sweet title track.

“I can trace all my songs to a specific moment,” he said. “Sometimes it’s as insignificant as a friend of yours saying something, a turn of phrase. Other times it’s like an epiphany moment or just something beautiful that you see. Some people are able to take a picture of that and capture it. I don’t have that skill.” Music is his way of cementing inspiration.

“I love the idea that a record can be a time capsule,” he said."

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