Monday, June 15, 2009

the high life on the High Line

I don't venture out to the West Village very often, I'm not sure why but I've always been an east sider no matter where I've lived. But on Saturday, I dropped by to see Samantha's show at Charles Nolan Store. Everything looked great! Here are a couple of my favorite pieces...

Also, while we were out there we checked the new High Line Park and the new Standard Hotel. Both were pretty amazing. I'd definitely spend a couple of hours (even on the West Side) reading a book on the High Line.

Photos of the High Line before the revamping.
photos by Joel Sternfeld

photos via the High Line blog

The Standard looks like some of the architecture I saw while I was in Berlin. We snuck in to the hotel and rode up the elevator to check out the rest of the hotel. The best part of the hotel is the video installation by Marco Brambilla. Really surreal and trippy, I just wanted to stay in the elevator all day long. Here's the video, but I suggest going to the hotel and sneaking on the elevator. Its a different experience while moving.

All in all, you should go by and have a look.

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