Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Springing into Action

By no means am I a fashion blogger, I'll leave that up to the experts like Camp Comfort and Greedy Girl. But recently I was asked by Juxtapoz (where some of you are reading this from) to put together some spring outfits, so these were my picks. I just wish my wallet had enough fluid funds for these outfits... sigh.

Day In the City Outfit.

(this is a series of scarves I started to print with my designs on them. They are dyed with all natural materials and hand printed. I hope to have these available soon, please email me if you're interested.)


evencleveland said...

Oooh, good picks. I love that red skirt.

Welcome! said...

you have the best taste EVER!

Katie said...

real real cute and would be in debt. favorites are the jade tribe handwoven tote, scale neckace (loving her etsy shop), cute-ass red skirt and pullover yeah everything.

Jeanette Watson said...

I've been eyeing that Claire Vivier bag too!

roberta jane said...

*blush* thanks! + good picks! (think you secretly are a fashion expert). i have that Gap anorak and I wear it sooooo much. it's basically perfect.

Raina Lee said...

caroline, u just got SO busted. you are TOTALLY NY fashion lady and have surpassed me + erin! i have the triangle necklace (i'm sure i read about it on a blogged linked from yours or Lisa's) and the gap military jacket thing, I love them!