Saturday, June 28, 2008


One of the first shows that inspired me was at New Image Gallery, when New Image was a small room on the 2nd floor, atop an old T.V. store. Back then, the artist went by Christopher Ruess, he now goes by Alex Kopps (or sometimes emuse) and walking into his installation, I felt like I walked into exactly I wanted art to make me feel. The incorporation of yarn, paintings, sewn art; it was just ideal.

He now makes these beautiful paintings and its been a long time since I've walked into one of his installations but I look forward to the day I can walk through one again. (The lettering he does is pretty rad too)

I want these surfboards, from Mandala

Now he's coming out with a film, Displacement, and I'm excited to see it. It looks like a great incorporation of his painting aesthetic with the moving image.

They are having a benefit art auction for the film on Saturday, June 28th at the Luggage Store in San Francisco. Seems like it'll be a great show, not only would you be buying great art but you'll be supporting a good cause too.

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