Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miss Rockaway

I love the water, whether its rivers, oceans, lakes, puddles... ok, not so much puddles, but big, open, nature filled spaces of water. I think that has something to do with my intrigue of boats, surfing, etc which I guess has had influence on my nautical flag series. So as I was doing some research on the web, I came across Mass Moca's website and immediately something caught my eye. There was this huge, diy raft on a river. And I found this.

It's called the Miss Rockaway Armada. They are a collective of performers and artists from all over the country who decided to converge and build a raft to float down the Mississippi RIver. Funny thing is, they don't really know how to build rafts (nor have the money to build it), they get their supplies from trash or by throwing benefits. As they float down the river and dock, they do performances and have workshops. One of their influences for this project are bookmobiles from their childhood days... Its a really neat concept and looks pretty rad. I'm in awe of people who come up with ideas like this and fully execute it, it seems like a great adventure and experience to be a part of.

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