Monday, June 16, 2008


Ok, this post isn't going to be about "kawaii" (cute in Japanese). I couldn't think of anything, my brain is fried from a very busy weekend.

I apologize for the lack of attention I'm paying to this blog, I've been working on an project for Readymade Magazine and that, in addition to other projects, have been getting the majority of my attention.

I went by the Brooklyn Museum this weekend to check out the "Utagawa: Masters of the Japanese Print, 1770–1900" Exhibition that ended on Sunday. I've been recently more and more inspired by these Ukiyo-e prints. The composition, the color, the techniques. It amazes me you can look at these prints and be in complete awe of just the beauty of them, but if you sit and think that they these are woodblock prints.... it literally takes my breath away. One of my favorites is Yoshitoshi and they had a couple of his prints there that I was happy to see in person. His work is normally very dark and violent and although they didn't have a many of those prints up, they had a fairly good selection. Here are a couple...

Toyoharu. The prints are fairly small, but if you look at the people in them they are teeny, tiny!!!

Here's an example of Yoshitoshi's "dark" prints, which they didn't exhibit at the museum but I thought I'd show....

I also stopped by the Murakami exhibit and the Ghada Amer exhibit, both worth checking out!

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