Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pre-Birthday, day of Birth...

Yesterday was my birthday... The night before was the SVA Auction, I started to celebrate it the night before at the auction with yummy hor'derves and cocktails.
Some of my favorite pieces below:
The view from the SVA auction.

The Caterers

Romaine Orthwein

Phoebe Washburn

JeongMee Yeoh

Led up to midnight with cupcakes from Billy's (courtesy of my lovely friend, Lisa).

And just after midnight, I accidently stabbed myself in the thigh with an exacto blade. NOT FUN, but am totally ok. Never thought I would be the kind to get light headed after seeing a wound, but something about seeing your skin gashed open makes you a bit light headed....

Had my birthday dinner at Good Fork in Red Hook, and ohmigod, it was delicious! For the year of 29, I am no longer a vegetarian... I have to stop feeling bad about that...Thanks to Josh, Jenny, Bryn, Lisa, and Heather for making it happen!

mmmmmm is right!

Post birthday drinks coming up this weekend! (Yes, my birthday lasts a total of 5 days)

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