Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend of Labor

This weekend was a weekend of labor rather than my Labor Day weekend. Some views of my weekend...

The morning cup of fresh brewed coffee and replanting my out of control Coleus plant.

Making Cinnamon buns, yum! With No Knead Bread dough.

My walk to the Fort Greene Farmer's Market and back. Saw this Gingko Plant, and my dad told me that dried up gingko leaves steer roaches away from your home. Handy household tips!

My weird dog and my neighborhood.

Then my labor... Beaver Projects in Copenhagen, where I'm having a 2 person show in October has a flagpole outside of the gallery. So it was suggested to make a flag, my first attempt. And although there was a bit of crinkling on the left hand corner, I thought it came out alright....

I was also able to vary the widths of the stitching while I was sewing... which helped in making the image line work look a little bit more like my line work.

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wimpy said...

very nice and a good motto! I'd love to see it flying.