Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This weekend was filled with:

-Getting my plot at the Clifton Community Garden

-Traveling down to Dumbo for Brooklyn Flea and Almondine (see pics below)

If you haven't been to Almondine, you need to go. Chocolate Almond Croissants are like moments of heaven in your mouth.

Also, as we were walking down to the Flea we came across this place: LAND, League Artists Natural Design. According to the Brooklyn Arts Council, LAND "is a unique studio and gallery that features work of adult artists living with disabilities. LAND is designed to help these artists develop their skills in a nurturing enviornment and market their art to the community in a vibrant and inclusive manner."

Looking forward to visiting it when its open. And yes, that card does say "Judas Priest wishes you a happy birthday."

-And on beautiful Sunday, had a lovely brunch with some ladies and built my garden box on my roof top!

I'm planting my seedlings now and hopefully will be transplanting them in the coming weeks!

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lisa butterworth said...

i want almondine. right now.